GridDB on Oracle Linux

I need to install GridDB on an Oracle Linux 7.9 machine. There are 3 GridDB distributions, for:

  1. CentOS 7.9
  2. Ubuntu 18.04
  3. openSUSE 15.1

I am ruling out Ubuntu as being the farthest from Oracle Linux, but hesitate between CentOS and openSUSE.

I am tending to think CentOS Oracle Linux: A better alternative to CentOS

Is this just another CentOS? Inasmuch as they’re both 100%
binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, yes, this is just
like CentOS. Your applications will continue to work without any
modification whatsoever. However, there are several important
differences that make Oracle Linux far superior to CentOS.

Which distribution is most likely to work on Oracle Linux?
Are there any special requirements for GridDB on Oracle Linux?

GridDB documentation for CentOS
Installation - CentOS | GridDB | Docs
and Ubuntu
Installation - Ubuntu | GridDB | Docs
looks good, but nothing on openSUSE

There is a quickstart guide on installing via RPM package. Oracle Linux is based on Redhat which uses RPM, so this is likely the clearest path forward.