Griddb NodeJs Driver not filtering on boolean type column


I have a table that has a collection of local times across varying timezones. I’m trying to get a count of the timezones with daylight savings time currently.

But before getting to that aspect, I’m having trouble filtering on the boolean field with the node api to just get all time zone that has day light savings. When I try to run this query I get the below error saying it can’t find a column called “true”.

time_in_zone.query("SELECT * where dstActive = true")

[150012:TQ_COLUMN_NOT_FOUND] No such column true

However the same query will work from the client just fine. Am I missing something?

Query in the gs_client

gs[public]> sql select * from Time_In_Zone where dstActive = true;
25 results. (2 ms)
gs[public]> get 1
The 1 results had been acquired.